Tuesday, November 22


it's that time of year again... the holidays. first up is thanksgiving.
here is what i am thankful for this year.

my friends. the past couple years of my life has been very complicated and hard,
and this year was no acception. my closest friends have been there through the hardest
and best days - and i honestly don't know what i would do without them.

(anthony: last christmas. rosala: surprise birthday party in atlantic city. lisa: goo goo dolls concert last summer)

my family. my dad and my brother mean everything to me.
i honestly don't know what i would do without them.
my dad is one of my best friends.
my brother and i are slowly starting to build a relationship- and it means the world to me.


(2009: a few christmases ago in nyc & at our tree at home)

my "sister". without her i would not be the person i am today.
this year she got married and i was her maid of honor.
i think about how blessed and honored i am to know her every day.
i love her with all my heart.

(the wedding party)

this year i completely changed my life. i loved my job and my life,
but i knew i needed a change and to make something of myself.
i needed a change: so i became a flight attendant and moved to north carolina.
the job didn't work out.. and honestly we all know how i feel about my move;
but i'm so glad i really did it. i am thankful i had the courage to do this.

(mckenzie, me & rhonda at flight attendant school: happy graduation)

and finally: adam. i met adam a year after my mother passed away,
and he saved my life. i am thankful for him everyday.


what are you thankful for?

Monday, November 21

so it's almost been a month.

i know it's almost been a month, and i promise i will get better at this.  this month has been stressful with adam gone (shooting his tv mini series), work/ money issues, a really bad cold/flu and trying to figure out what is coming next.  i've been researching apartments in new jersey & new york. when this lease is up we are going back north which i'm incredibly excited about, but it's going to be a lot of work.

adam has been away for 24 days and should be coming home sometime tomorrow for the week/ thanksgiving. i'm so excited! i bought a trader joe's thanksgiving for two: a 4lb turkey breast pre stuffed with apple cranberry stuffing, turkey gravy, cornbread, broccoli, cranberries, and good cheese & crackers.  tomorrow i'm going back to get dessert, wine, and potatoes.

my restaurant job is.. i don't know. i'm making more money and have better shifts now so hopefully i'll be able to get my credit card debt down soon.  with christmas coming it's time to really buckle down. also adam and i are spending christmas & new years in jamaica with his family! so i need to make sure i have some money left for that.

i still have this cold.. it's been about a week now. hopefully i'll start feeling better asap. i need to get better at blogging and make sure i make time for this.


(upper left to lower right: adam & i at bre's wedding. work meeting. trader joe's thanksgiving supplies.
oh yeah- i paid off my student loans! my finished puzzle: minus one piece because it was missing) 


Wednesday, October 26


hello & welcome to cute things by kelly.

(upper left to lower right: breanna & me on her wedding; september 10, 2011. adam & me: my loving boyfriend. chicago last summer.
me & lisa: halloween 2010. my father got chickens. jonathan & me: my brother)

adam & i live in north carolina at the moment- oh, and we hate it. he is a working actor and will be leaving me shortly to film a mini series for the history channel called the builders which will premiere in the fall. we have been together almost two years now and are one of those couples you borderline hate. i love him more than anything.

we are starting to look for apartments in new jersey something close to nyc and pet friendly. we are desperate for a puppy. we are talking about getting a goldfish, but you can't cuddle with a fish; sigh.

i am currently waiting tables downtown and hate it. i am kinda obsessed with my iphone & you can find me on instagram, tumblr & twitter. i bake constantly and just love cute things.